Saturday, 7 January 2012 mE...

4 me  u're perfect enough to me
bcoz u olwez care bout me
da way u show ur love
it mke me fall in love with u more n more

dat's true dat u're not da first 1 4 me
but I hope u're da last

guy 4 me to share with

to share my happiness
my sadness

I hope YOU will olwez be by my side
could you ,DEAR???

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Official Music Video)

I love diz song...=)

S.i.G.n B.Y H.0.R.0.S.k.0.p

BOY: SCORPIO 21st Nov 1990

 GIRL: PIECES 3rd March 1991

-Scorpio and Pisces are very similar in their likes and dislikes, 
-the only difference is how they show it to the outside world. 
-Both individuals love commitment and intimacy in relationships, 
-both are also sensitive and easily hurt, 
-except that Fish opens up and shows emotions, 
-whilst Scorpio tries to hide inner battles and maintain a strong image. 
-Fish will let Scorpio take the leading role in the relationship, and Scorpio will gladly take it. 
-There will be no problems concerning faithfulness and on the overall the relationship will be beautiful - full of romance, passion and can very possibly grow into something more meaningful, if both individuals are ready for it. 

MEANING = Its a perfect match.

I dont believe in horoscope...
but somehow i like THESE horoscope sign
with compatibility(shown by the horoscope) of 94%
I hope the word US means forever...


Q.u.E.s.T.i.O.n FOR T.h.E N.i.G.h.T

Tonight I've received a question from YOU


Answer from the boy

What differ love from like
Love does not need a reason
It just need YOU and ME
I love you becoz u're who you are
U're always be my DYER

When U'r in lurve....
U'r never really know WHY....
Either it came from HER qualities....
or is it  HER  action or  HER  attributes or  HER  attitude....
There's a light surround  HER  like HALO coming toward YOU

l0V3 C@n S0m3T!m3 b3 m@G!c
But M@g!c......
c@n $0m3t!m3 be ju$t !llu$!0n


Letter For My DYER

Before I met YOU, I've never fallen in love. I just stepped in it a few times   : p

You came into my life in a simple way
Shower me with happiness
And it made me smile
That's when i started
To know how I've fallen for you .

I told you i loved you almost everyday
My wish is that our love may never die
I wished that from the day we gave US a try
When I woke up this morning you were on my mind
When I sleep the same night you still on my mind.

I'll love you completely although they say love is blind.

Forever yours that's how I've feel
Forever yours that's how I'll be.