Saturday, 7 January 2012

S.i.G.n B.Y H.0.R.0.S.k.0.p

BOY: SCORPIO 21st Nov 1990

 GIRL: PIECES 3rd March 1991

-Scorpio and Pisces are very similar in their likes and dislikes, 
-the only difference is how they show it to the outside world. 
-Both individuals love commitment and intimacy in relationships, 
-both are also sensitive and easily hurt, 
-except that Fish opens up and shows emotions, 
-whilst Scorpio tries to hide inner battles and maintain a strong image. 
-Fish will let Scorpio take the leading role in the relationship, and Scorpio will gladly take it. 
-There will be no problems concerning faithfulness and on the overall the relationship will be beautiful - full of romance, passion and can very possibly grow into something more meaningful, if both individuals are ready for it. 

MEANING = Its a perfect match.

I dont believe in horoscope...
but somehow i like THESE horoscope sign
with compatibility(shown by the horoscope) of 94%
I hope the word US means forever...


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